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Monday, November 16, 2009

Transportation Roundtable: Extra Bus Runs

The Community Roundtable on transportation that was held on Monday, Nov. 9, included lively discussion on a variety of topics. In order to keep the conversation going, we invite readers to post their thoughts on each question that was presented to participants at the Community Roundtable. Click here to read notes on what was discussed at the Community Roundtable.

In years past, the Broadalbin-Perth transportation department has done more than simply transport students to and from school. Buses transport athletic teams to away competitions, classes to field trip locations, students to jobs as part of school-to-work programs, and students who attend alternative schools to their out-of-district placements.

While some of these extra runs, such as the transportation of special education students, is state-mandated, others are not. Last year, for instance, Broadalbin-Perth eliminated its late bus run, which provided transportation home for students who stayed after school to participate in extracurricular activities. If the district decided to reinstate the late bus run, it would cost more than $25,000 per year for each of the two late buses to run each school day. Each late bus, when in operation, drives approximately 15,000 miles per year.

How important is it to you that the district offer extra bus runs that are not mandated by the state? These bus runs include field trips, athletic trips, and the late bus run.

Additional Information
  • Because the late buses have to cover a larger area than regular run buses, students sometimes rode the late bus for an hour or more before arriving home.
  • The cost to operate a bus with a driver costs approximately $3.50 per mile. This cost includes the driver’s salary and benefits; oil, brakes, tires and other parts for the bus; diesel fuel; mechanics’ labor; and utilities.

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  1. Each class should be limited to 1 trip per year. Also, the late bus run does not need to be implemented again. High school and middle school students should be allowed to ride the elementary bus that goes by their home and that is it. The district hould also look at consolidating athletic trips. Many times there are a lot of empty seats on a bus. Could all 3 boys basketball teams just take 1 bus instead of 2? Or should we send the JV boys team with the freshman, and then the cheerleaders with the varsity. Then we have only 2 busses out instead of 3.