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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Elementary reading programs

Question: I attended the Community Roundtable for curriculum and instruction. I learned a lot about how the district handles professional devlopment and other topics. I did not get a chance to ask about continuity in curriculum programs. I guess my question is how the skills taught in the early primary grades are carried through to older grades. For example, kindergarten and first grade use Saxon phonics and in fourth grade students begin using the challenging Harcourt series for reading. What program is used in second and third grade to build on the phonics skills and continue growth in reading to allow students success in the intermediate grades?

Answer: Teachers in the elementary schools at Broadalbin-Perth draw on multiple resources, including several published literacy curricular programs, to provide the best possible reading instruction for our students. Our teachers don't necessarily follow one program to the letter; rather, they utilize the best that each program has to offer to address the individual literacy needs of each child.
- answered by Terry LaFountain, The Learning Community Principal

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