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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Operations & Maintenance Roundtable: Adequacy of Facilities

The Community Roundtable on operations and maintenance that was held on Monday, Dec. 14, included lively discussion on a variety of topics. In order to keep the conversation going, we invite readers to post their thoughts on each question that was presented to participants at the Community Roundtable. Click here to read notes on what was discussed at the Community Roundtable.

Broadalbin-Perth is currently in the final stages of $42 million worth of capital projects that included replacement of windows, roofing, carpet and tile at both sites; security upgrades; renovations of Patriot Field and the middle school gymnasium; the building of an addition at the high school; and asbestos abatement.

Since 2007, when residents passed the most recent bond vote, members of the community have expressed few concerns about Broadalbin-Perth’s facilities to district administration. The most frequent complaints have been about the lack of permanent restrooms at Patriot Field and the inadequacy of handicapped parking at the district’s athletic fields.

What, if any, aspects of the district’s facilities do you think need to be repaired, improved, expanded or otherwise modified? Given the current economic climate and the district’s financial situation, do you think the community would support efforts by the district to address these needs?

Additional Information
  • New York State reimburses Broadalbin-Perth 95 percent of the costs of construction and renovation projects that are included in bond votes passed by residents. This reimbursement rate is the highest offered by the state. Broadalbin-Perth is eligible for this rate in part because of the merger of the Broadalbin and Perth school districts.
  • The New York State Education Department requires each school district to perform a survey of its buildings every five years. This requirement resulted from the large number of public school buildings in New York City that were falling into disrepair. The survey forces school districts to take care of their buildings, which are owned by the taxpayers and are public property. Broadalbin-Perth’s next five-year survey is scheduled to take place early in 2010.

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  1. Next roundtable is Monday January 11th at 6pm. It is the employee compensation Roundtable. Don't quote me but I believe compensation and benefits makes up about 65% of the expenses. The last budget they signed calls for annual increases in salary. Why can't this be renegotiated!!! Especially in these pressing fiscal times for all school districts. The schools want to take away from the kids education resources and other activities but don't touch their compensation package which includes great health insurance. We need to make sure contracts are not signed more than a year. Look what has happened this year. So where does the money come from to keep up with the compensation increases..TAXES!!! That's it from people like you and I who may have not got raises or even had to take pay cuts or may have lost a job. How is this right! Schools and Governments need to start acting like a private business and learn how to operate like a business. Not just keep taxing. No one will be able to afford to live or do business here. Then what will happen if the tax base is gone. We need to stop the bleeding!Make the next meeting!!