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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A cornered New Yorker

Comment: I voted "yes" to the budget this morning. I did this because I feel cornered, not by the school district or the BOE , but by New York State. We all know what flows down hill and we as tax payers are getting covered by the flow at the bottom of the hill. I can't stand that my taxes are going up AGAIN but I also feel that our kids deserve simple things like sports, band and other activities. To me, there is ALOT of fat on the administrative side, but these positions are MANDATED by the State. I look at a budget of 29+ million dollars and that 62% of that is payroll and benefits, that also gets to me, but what am I to do? Whether you vote yes or no, get out and vote! Just stop to think about where the true point of origin of these tax increases are coming from, it's not the BP BOE or directly a result of the administration. Just don't let your feelings for the way things are economically have an adverse effect on the group that it is REALLY hurting, our kids and their futures!
- signed, A Cornered New Yorker

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