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Friday, June 18, 2010

Solution needed for substitute bus drivers

Question: Now that this school year is at an end, I hope that next year something will be done about the bus runs. When there is a sub on a run and they are late, it makes it hard for people who have to work. Also, I have seen drivers reading the route list and driving at the same time -- this is not safe! Some subs have even driven past kids, and when you call the school, you're told that you're wrong!

Answer: You're right, we definitely need to come up with a solution for substitute bus drivers. There are a myriad of issues that arise from subs who are not familiar with specific bus runs and the children that ride them, including the information on their transportation request forms. As for what you've heard from the bus garage when you call, I have not witnessed that myself, but I have heard similar complaints when people have called me on bus issues.

All of that said, we've discussed the development of a spreadsheet that would be a living document for the offices and the bus garage, with the information from the transportation request forms consistently updated. This is only in the theory stage right now, but it may be something we seriously consider implementing to help solve many of the problems you mentioned.
- answered by Marco Zumbolo, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations

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