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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why are building lights on at night?

Question: Many evenings, when driving by both schools, we notice many lights on. Couldn’t we save some money and energy by eliminating the number of lights that are being left on day and night or by utilizing motion sensor lights or energy efficient lighting?

Answer: Several rooms in our buildings do have lights that turn on or off depending whether or not there is movement in the room. These lights do save energy. In addition, the lighting in our Middle School gym is being upgraded as part of the EXCEL capital project, and will be having energy-efficient, motion-sensor lights installed.

Overall, about 90 percent of the building’s lights are off when school is not in session. I believe the lights you are seeing are emergency lighting that is required by the state to be on to ensure safety and security. These lights never go off; however, they are using less energy than lights during the day. I think they appear brighter than they are because they illuminate the dark hill. If our schools were completely dark, it would be a security issue.

You may have also noticed lights on near our parking lots and bus garages. These lights are also on to ensure safety and security. We have security cameras set up to monitor the area and we need to have lights to properly monitor the area through the tape.
-answered by Stephen Tomlinson, District Superintendent

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