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Monday, March 28, 2011

Do we promote enough of the good news?

Question: Just out of curiosity. Have we published in any of the local newspapers any of the great happenings in our community lately? Because it seems like the only thing I ever hear about is what "we aren't doing."

I would love to see some of the good/great things are students are doing hit the community ears! Yes, it is available on the websites, but we don't always have time to get on the computer or the website, but I do believe people try to pick up the local newspaper and skim thru it or pull one up on the computer in the early morning and skim thru the headlines so, what better way to hit more "eyes!"

Some of the things I have read about are: Two students from BP going to the National History Bee in Washington, DC, Students from BP enter their artwork into the annual "Horsing Around with the Arts" show at the National Racing Museum in Saratoga, BP students compete in the Master of the Minds Competition in Albany, BP Top 10 students for 2011 are announced, BP announces its annual Senior Citizen Prom, BP offers a Career Fair for the community and it's 8th-12th grade students, BP kicks off Spirit Week for it's Annual March Madness Basketball tournament between the teachers to help support community members, BP announces Spelling Bee winners..........We just had an Author visit our school, what about the trip to Suny Cortland with Project Adventure or how the Varsity Basketball Team made it to the Quarter Finals?

All this is "GOOD" News about our school and community and I'm not sure it is getting to the public!

At a time when community confidence is low and the pointing of the fingers is high, we should "share" all the good! We should share the GOOD all the time, but now more than ever.

We need to keep people here at B-P and continue to bring people in to B-P and what better way than publishing the information in the local newspapers! Brag a little!

Yes, Taxes are an issue and we definitely need to continue to focus on solutions, but to just continue to ignore ALL the good in our district is doing the community and the school an injustice.

We have things to be proud of and we should Shout It Out!

Answer: The communications specialist submits as much as possible of the "good news" that she hears about to the local media for publication. If the superintendent or member of the leadership team specifically asks for something to be submitted, then that information is also sent. However, the media decides what it will or will not publish.

Of the items listed in the question, the following were submitted to the local media: Two students from B-P qualifying for the National History Bee in Washington, D.C.; B-P students having their artwork selected for the annual "Horsing Around with the Arts" show at the National Racing Museum in Saratoga Springs; the B-P Top 10 students for 2011; information announcing the recent Career Fair for the community; and the IS/MS Spelling Bee winners. Recently, and in addition, several other press release regarding the budget have been submitted, as well as a recent "Doodle for Google" competition that high school art students participated in, information about the recent forum with a panel of experts to discuss GlobalFoundries and its impact, the results of the recent high school blood drive as well as information about the SADD fundraiser and show.
-answered by Monica Lester, Communications Specialist

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