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Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow-up question about Board of Education meeting minutes

Question: As a follow up to the request that BOE meeting minutes be available online, to the Public, in draft form, to avoid a one month turn around time, Mr. Tomlinson's response was that it could not be done at this time. I wanted to give you something directly taken from the Committee on Open Government website, concerning the Open Meeting Law: "The Law states that minutes of open meetings must be made available within two weeks of the meeting; minutes of executive sessions must be made available within one week of the executive session. It has been suggested that if the minutes have not been approved, they may be marked "draft," "unapproved," or "non-final" when they are disclosed." I would like to request that the March BOE meeting minutes be posted on the website, as well as the meeting minutes taken from the Sunday BOE meeting held this month (April), prior to Easter vacation, as to comply with the one-two week regulation. Thank you.

Answer: After consulting with our attorneys, we will be making a change to the way we make Board of Education meeting minutes available.

Although Board of Education meeting minutes are not legally required to be on the website, we agree that draft meeting minutes should be available to the public within two weeks of the meeting date.

Minutes from the April 3 and March regular board meeting are now available. To view the minutes, click here.

In the future, all regular Board of Education draft meeting minutes will be posted within two weeks of Board of Education meetings. In addition, any minutes that reflect a formal vote within an executive session will be posted within one week.
-answered by Stephen Tomlinson, District Superintendent

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