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Friday, August 5, 2011

Tuition fees for teachers' children

Question: I have a question regarding tuition fees charged for students going to B-P from other school districts. I know a family from Galway who wanted to get their children into B-P schools this coming September, but they said the tuition was going to be $4,600 per child. The Galway family then said the B-P teachers who live out of the B-P district only pay $500 per child for their children to go to B-P. I thought the $500 per child tuition benefit for teachers was eliminated two years ago, and the out-of-district teachers at B-P are not B-P taxpayers, so this is concerning.

Answer: Two years ago, the tuition for children of B-P teachers was zero. The Board of Education changed the policy, raising the tuition to $500 per child. There are currently eight teachers and 13 students who are affected by this policy.
- answered by Ed Szumowski, Board of Education President

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  1. $4,600 per child per year - WOW!!! FMCC tuition is less than that - $3,400 per year.