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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teacher evaluations

Question: Are the high school teachers evaluated?

Answer: All teachers in the district are evaluated according to current state Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) regulations -- not the new regulations you may have read about in the news. Until a new contract with the Broadalbin-Perth Teachers' Association (BPTA) is ratified, we will continue to use the current model.

The New York State Education Department requires that all school districts have an APPR plan, which must describe how teachers are evaluated. Evaluations vary based on the stage a teacher is in his or her career. New or probationary teachers are typically evaluated three times in their first year, two times in their second year and one time in their third year. Tenured teachers are evaluated using a professional growth model: Teachers work with principals to set three measurable goals in their tenure areas and are later evaluated based on those goals.

- answered by Stephen Tomlinson, Superintendent of Schools

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