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Friday, June 1, 2012

Drama production selection

Question: I'm wondering where the club advisor was when the drama club was picking this year's play? I look forward to it every year, but although I could see all the hard work they put into it, I couldn't help thinking that it was not a good choice for a high school drama club. I was uncomfortable in some parts with the subject matter and the young children sitting near me. I will look forward to next year in hopes that it is more appropriate for a high school setting. You do such a wonderful job with this program; don't ruin it by trying to do plays that are not meant for public high schools.

Answer: Each year, the members of the Broadalbin-Perth drama club work with their faculty advisor to come up with ideas for their annual musical. The club presents its choice to the superintendent, who reviews the script before deciding whether or not to approve the production.

This fall, the first show the drama club brought to me was Chicago. After reading the script, I told the club I would not approve the production because of the adult content of the show. Next, the club brought to me Legally Blonde. I read the script and, after making some modifications, I approved the production.

Bear in mind that our drama club is extremely student-centered. Our students do everything for a production: Build the sets, run the sound board, design the lighting schemes AND act, sing and dance on stage. Each year, our club has to choose a production based on the talents we have available. This year, we knew the club would be light on younger children and male vocalists, so it was important to choose a female-centered show.

I completely agree with you that we have a top-notch program, and I look forward to the community's continued support of our drama club.
- answered by Stephen Tomlinson, Superintendent of Schools

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