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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fundraising for JV sports

Question: At the time of this question, we are quickly approaching the Aug. 1 deadline for raising funds to reinstate our fall JV sports program. I've heard we're short of our goal and are frantically trying to organize last-minute fundraisers. Community members, athletes and parents have all been asked for their contributions and support in the effort. Have the faculty, staff, administration, BPTA, etc., been approached or through their own initiative made any contributions to the efforts? If not, is there a legal reason why? Also, if the efforts are unsuccessful, what happens to the funds that have been raised?

Answer: Thankfully, our booster club was successful in raising the money needed to fund fall JV sports, and we're well on our way to funding winter and spring JV sports. Many of our coaches--at all levels, modified, JV and varsity--have been closely involved in the fundraising efforts.

Although our faculty, staff and administration have not been directly approached about contributing to the fundraising effort, many of them have anyway. A majority of B-P employees live in the community, and our faculty and staff regularly donate to community causes--from holiday gift drives to emergency relief efforts to fundraisers for various charitable causes.

- answered by Stephen Tomlinson, Superintendent of Schools

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