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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A/B day schedule at the high school

Question: Is it possible to include on the high school website or the calendar the current letter day (A day or B day)? Sometimes it is changed on certain days such as test days and not always communicated well enough.
Answer: The high school schedule runs on alternating A and B days. At the beginning of the daily morning announcements, we begin with, "Good morning. Today is a(n) [A/B] day," to remind everyone in the building what schedule we're following. We also have a sign in the main office that indicates which day it is, and post the day on the written announcements.
In January and June, days on which midterm or Regents exams are administered are always run on A day schedules. We announce this several times prior to the exam days. Prior to the January exams, we also announce contingency plans in case of inclement weather.
If there is a snow day and, for instance, school is cancelled on an B day, then the next day school is in session will be an B day -- we won't skip an B day just because it was a snow day. We do this in order to maintain a balance in the schedule, especially for students taking science labs.
At this time, we are not considering posting the A/B day schedule to the district website. Our students are in high school and we expect them to be responsible enough to utilize the resources we provide in order to keep themselves organized and on schedule. This includes listening to the morning announcements every day.
- answered by Robin Blowers, high school principal

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