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Monday, February 25, 2013

Classroom news in HS newsletter

Question: Why is it that the high school newsletter never has any information about what is going on in the classroom? The other three buildings don't seem to have a problem with this. The general public may want to see what is going on in the school.

Answer: Unlike teachers in the elementary and middle schools, high school teachers teach as many as six different courses involving up to 150 different students. To require high school teachers to submit monthly reports on each of their classes for the high school newsletter would create a significant time commitment for them -- time I would rather see them spending on lesson planning, grading and educating our students.
Our high school newsletter does feature classroom news from time to time. In addition, whenever our teachers are doing something new or innovative in their classrooms, we encourage them to share those experiences with the community, and we often publish news from high school classrooms on our district website and Facebook page. (Learn about two of our newest classes, Design and Drawing for Production and Introduction to Engineering, at our Re-Imagining webpage.)
Any parents who are interested in learning more about what is happening in their children's high school classrooms should contact their children's teachers -- click here for our high school directory. They should also talk to their children directly to find out what their children are learning, what areas they're excelling in and where they could use additional help. Parents should call the counseling center at 954-2620 with any questions or concerns.
- answered by Robin Blowers, high school principal

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