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Friday, January 31, 2014

Drama directors and advisors

Question: It seems that there are many more drama club appointments this year than in years past. Why do we need two directors and an advisor? Wouldn't the directors be the advisors?

Answer: The Broadalbin-Perth Teachers Association (BPTA) contract actually includes four separate titles for our drama program: Director, musical director, technical director and production director. In recent years, Alycia Spraker has served as director of our productions, and Anthony Rich filled the other three roles.

This year, Ms. Spraker decided to step down from her role as drama director. She's done such a great job with our students over the past few years that it was difficult to find someone willing to fill her shoes. Thankfully, teachers Rita Swatt and Michael Ott agreed to take over the program as co-directors. Mrs. Swatt is also filling the role of technical director. Tristan Wile, a B-P graduate, is serving as musical and co-production director, and Kathy Tambasco is co-production director. These four individuals are in charge of the musical production itself. Ms. Spraker is still the drama club advisor, but she is no longer directly involved with the production of B-P's spring musicals; instead, she oversees the students in the drama club, helps organize fundraisers and performs other duties away from the stage.

Even though there are more people involved in this year's production, the district is not spending any more money on director or advisor stipends than it has in past years.

This year's arrangement is not necessarily our permanent solution; it was put in place as a stop gap for this year to make sure B-P is able to continue its tradition of putting on outstanding musical productions each spring. We have a very successful drama program and we didn't want to risk losing it.
- answered by Stephen Tomlinson, superintendent of schools

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