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Monday, September 15, 2014

Phone messages through ParentLink

Question: Is there a way to configure my preferences for where to receive the automated phone system alerts (i.e., home phone, cell phone, etc.)? And, is it possible for the district send non-critical phone messages outside of school hours?

Answer: Our partners at ParentLink, which is providing our automated phone calling system (among other services, such as our mobile app) is currently working on an update to its system that will allow users to choose which phone numbers are called for different kinds of alerts. At this time, there is no expected launch date for that update.

We appreciate the patience of parents as we continue to address both technological and internal procedural issues in implementing the ParentLink system. We agree that non-critical phone messages should not be sent during school hours and will advise our staff to use more discretion when they schedule phone messages.
- answered by Michele Kelley, district communications specialist

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