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Monday, October 26, 2009

Buildings open after hours

Question: I called the middle school last week about picking up my child's assignments and was informed, "You can come in and get it until 7 or 8 p.m." This implies that the doors are open and anyone can gain access. Is there any concern for safety and security by allowing just anyone to enter the school after hours? We have strict rules while the students are on campus, however after hours there appears to be free, unchecked access for everyone, including someone who may have malicious intent.

Answer: It's been a long-standing tradition of our Board of Education to keep our school buildings open after the traditional school day ends. Our school buildings serve as community gathering places -- several organizations use our facilities to hold meetings, and many residents walk our halls during the winter months as part of their fitness routines. It's not fair to our taxpayers for us to close our doors when the students go home.

That being said, we are aware of the security risks of keeping our doors open after hours. Over the past five years, we have greatly increased our security measures and added video surveillance. These measures have helped us catch and prosecute people who do harm to our buildings.
- answered by Stephen Tomlinson, District Superintendent

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