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Friday, October 30, 2009

Soup labels, box tops and other education-supporting programs

Question: Does The Learning Community participate in any of the soup label, Box Tops for Education, etc., programs? When will information be sent home on the guidelines and submission of these? Information was sent home in September for Hannaford's program, but the Amsterdam store didn't even have a slot for TLC.

Answer: The Learning Community participates in all of these programs. The PTSO coordinates the collection of soup labels, box tops and Hannaford receipts. The collection point for all of these is the garbage can decorated as a Campbell's soup can outside of the cafeteria.

We also participate in Price Chopper's Tools for Schools program. Parents can register online at The Learning Community's code is 15712. In addition, the PTSO collects used printer ink cartridges and returns them to funds that go to the school. Used cartridges can be left on the table outside of the nurse's office.

We appreciate all the support we get through these incentive programs.
- answered by Terry LaFountain, The Learning Community Principal

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