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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boys soccer

Question: This is not a question but a comment. It is sad to see, with the boys varsity soccer team making it this far, that there was no effort in having a bus or two available for people to go to the game. Even if you charged a small fee for it, people would have paid it. There is nothing acknowledging them on the home page, the high school page, or even the time or directions on the sports schedule on the district Web site. I had to go to Johnstown's Web site to find it. You always say it's about the children, then you should applaud these boys for making it this far!

Answer: Prior to last night's game, we did have information about the game, including directions, on the district Web site under Athletics. As far as posting a congratulatory message on the Web site, we didn't do that before the sectional championship game because the team hadn't won anything yet and we didn't want to jinx things! Now that they have won the game, we have a congratulatory message on the district home page and athletics home page.

As for providing transportation to games, we did offer a student bus to the sectional semifinal game at Glens Falls. This was primarily because of the early start time of the game. However, we did not offer a bus to the sectional final because the game was scheduled in the evening.

Throughout the team's run to the sectional championship, they have received several congratulatory messages at school. Yesterday, the Sports Booster Club put on a luncheon for the team. As they move on to regionals, you can be certain that we will continue to find ways to recognize the achievements of this team.

- answered Adam Barnhart, Director of Athletics and High School Assistant Principal

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