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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheerleaders at away games

Question: Can you please tell me why the cheerleaders do not cheer at away games? I have heard a lot of rumors, like there is no money for a bus and the girls don't want to.

Answer: The cheerleaders do cheer at away games. There are a select handful of away games that we do not send our cheerleaders to -- mostly the games that are farthest away. One reason we do not send the cheerleaders to all away games is because of money.

But the primary reason we do not send our cheerleaders to all away games is because of our competitive cheerleading squad. The competitive squad, which is a fiscally self-sustaining program, is made up of a select number of cheerleaders from the regular squad. The time commitment for the cheerleaders who are on both squads is high, so we have had to cut down on the number of away games we sent them to. When the cheerleaders do not travel to away games, they are often at the school practicing.

New York State is moving toward establishing cheerleading as a competitive sport, much like basketball and soccer are competitive sports. Broadalbin-Perth's competitive cheerleading team puts the district ahead of the game in relation to other districts who do not have a competitive cheerleading team.
- answered by Stephen Tomlinson, District Superintendent

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