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Thursday, December 10, 2009

JV players moving up

Question: Is it customary to move a group of JV players up to varsity for sectionals then, after a few weeks, move them back down again as the varsity team advances? Is this fair to those kids? If you could only bring one or two of them, didn't you know that in the beginning? Were they brough up solely to use for scrimmaging? Is this a good way to build up a team?

Answer: Broadalbin-Perth has always kept the best interests of the program in mind when making decisions about individual teams. JV players are sometimes brought up to the varsity team for a variety of reasons, for instance, needing additional players at playoff time or to replace players who are injured or ill.

At Broadalbin-Perth, it's been a tradition to bring up some JV players to the varsity team if the varsity team makes it to the sectional playoffs. This is done with the mindset that, while the JV players may not play in a game, they will have a valuable oppotunity to participate and be part of a sectional team. And there are times when a JV player who has been brought up to a varsity team can provide valuable play on the field during games.
- answered by Stephen Tomlinson, District Superintendent

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