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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Athletics & Extracurriculars Roundtable: Extracurricular Activities

The Community Roundtable on athletics and extracurricular activities that was held on Monday, Feb. 8, included lively discussion on a variety of topics. In order to keep the conversation going, we invite readers to post their thoughts on the following question that was presented to participants at the Community Roundtable. Click here for notes on what was discussed at the Community Roundtable.

At Broadalbin-Perth, approximately 956 students participate in 32 clubs and extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are offered to students at all four schools.

In 2009-10, Broadalbin-Perth is budgeted to spend $22,281 on extracurricular activities – a reduction of more than $20,000 from the 2008-09 budget. The majority of this money is used to pay stipends to club advisors.

Some clubs at Broadalbin-Perth are paid for using grant money. Many clubs, such as the drama club, pay for their activities through fundraisers and ticket sales to events or performances. In other clubs, additional costs associated with club activities are paid for by participants: For example, members of the elementary ski club pay for their own lift tickets.

Should the Board of Education consider making cuts to funding for Broadalbin-Perth’s extracurricular activities or clubs? If so, what criteria should the Board use to make those cuts?


  1. Absolutely not. This is pennies compared to the whole picture. Kids need to stay involved whether it be clubs and/or sports.

    This is not where all the money is going!

  2. I feel too many clubs were cut last year. A very popular club in the middle school (travel club) was cut last year. How much could this have cost the district when the students paid for their trips?

    Please don't cut any of these programs this year! Enough has been done. We need to look elsewhere.

  3. Absolutely NOT it would be detrimental to the students and to the school district as a whole. Youth commission programs are designed as a foundation and introduction to youth sports and should not be a substitute to the modified programs. I agree with others that stated this portion of the budget is minimal. Many other districts that have cut modified programs have lost student population, more importantly our district will not attract new families and lets face it that brings all of our property values down which no one wants. We are all faced with hard times and increased costs but we cannot afford to consider minimal savings at the cost of our youth. We all want our community to be a place we are proud to live in and our youth to grow into productive well adjusted adults these programs directly contribute to that. For the little amount it will save it is certainly NOT worth it.

  4. Cut it all. My children do not need to play any sports or participate in modified programs in order to get into college. They do however have to be in a reasonable setting without double the amount of children where the staff cannot spread themselves thin enough in order to ensure that they are all being educated. Cut the sports. Cut the modifieds... move from there. Staff layoffs should be the last. I'm not saying that they can be avoided, but they should be the last thing cut. I would also encourage people to review the following website:
    Everyone wants to point fingers at the teachers and their salaries. I encourage you to review this as well and take EVERYTHING into consideration.

  5. In no way should we eliminate sports/clubs. Our children need to learn social skills as well as team play etc. In reply to the layoffs and salary cuts. Well I agree, lets not cut salaries but I think we could down size our staff a little. How about also extending instructional time? We are paying full time salaries so why can't we get full time staff. We all recognized that the state mandated curriculums are rigorous. Again, we as parents are asked to step up and be more involved with our children's education at home (I totaly agree with this). More has been expected of the students. Tax payers are asked to pay more for the same service. What is the staff at BP contributing?