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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do the B-P schools have a Dean of Discipline?

Question: Does the BPCSD really have a Dean of Discipline?? A position created in July 2010?? With a salary of 4500.00 per year. At a time of great economic hardship like the one that we have been in for the past few years, I find this hard to believe. I mean don’t you already have 4 principals, and an assistant principal??? What could this position have been created for other than padding a retiring teachers’ salary. Discipline should be handled by the principals, you know, the people who are highly paid to take care of things like that. It's bad enough that NONE of BP's principals live in or pay taxes in OUR district, do we really need to lighten their workload by spending taxpayers’ money. Please explain this position to me and the other taxpayers of the community. P.S. I have sent in other questions/ comments about Administration before only to have you not post them. So much for TRANSPARENCY!!!! Maybe my questions/comments would be better received as a letter to the editor.

Answer: Yes, the Broadalbin-Perth Central Schools do have a Dean of Discipline. The individual in this position assists the half-time assistant principal at the high school and the principal at the middle school in addressing student behavior issues. This individual receives a stipend of $4,500 per year.

Having a Dean of Discipline is a much more affordable option for us than hiring an additional school building administrator. The jobs of the building administrators are multi-faceted. For a full description of their responsibilities, click here. We need assistance in the area of discipline to do this vital work.
-answered by Stephen Tomlinson, District Superintendent

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  1. If the district didn't have The Dean of Discipline, catchy title by the way, would we REALLY need another administrator to handle all of the troublemakers? Couldn't that be handled by the Principals, are there THAT many troublemakers in the school? The thought of getting sent to the "Principals office" used to be scary enough, I'm glad I didn't have to face the wrath of "THE DEAN OF DISCIPLINE!!"