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Monday, April 18, 2011

Can administrators be combined?

Question: Has the district looked into combining any administrative duties with the possibility of eliminating one of the positions with the highest salary?

Answer: Over the past several years, the district has combined several administrator positions to achieve cost savings of several hundred thousand dollars a year in salaries and benefits. Some of the positions that have been combined include:
  • The duties of the assistant superintendent for business and the treasurer position were combined, resulting in a school business administrator position. The school business administrator is directly responsible for the supervision of the business staff and the computer systems analyst. Further, the school business administrator is expected to work closely with the superintendent, in an advisory capacity, with matters related to educational program and financial impact upon request. For a complete job description, click here.
  • The duties of the athletic director and the high school assistant principal were combined, resulting in a combined athletic director/assistant principal position. The athletic director/assistant principal is responsible for providing assistance to the high school principal in the administration of the total school program. In addition, the administrator maintains, organizes and administers the overall program for interscholastic athletics. For a complete job description, click here.
  • The district at one time had a full-time Committee on Special Education Chairperson. Several years ago, this position was eliminated and folded into the responsibilities of the director of special programs. The individual in this position works in conjunction with the superintendent to oversee the implementation of the district’s special education programs and support services in compliance with state and federal special education regulations. Two district psychologists receive a stipend to assist with some of the duties of the Committee on Special Education. However, the combination of duties and the stipends still equate to overall cost savings.
  • The director of curriculum position was eliminated six years ago.
To view a flow chart of administrative responsibilities, click here.

The district has four building principals because it has four schools—The Learning Community, the Intermediate School, the Middle School and the High School. According to New York State Law, a full-time principal (who holds appropriate certification) must be “employed and assigned to each school.”
-answered by Stephen Tomlinson, District Superintendent

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