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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Commending the CSEA employees

I would like to commend the CSEA employees for their decision to accept a wage freeze for the upcoming school year. It shows they are committed to keeping programs for our children without overburdening the taxpayers with another high tax increase. I fear that taxpayer anger with the teacher's decision to reject a wage freeze may lead to a defeated budget this year. As a taxpayer who has not seen a raise in 2 years myself, with my husband who has had a pay freeze for 3 years, it would be hard to sympathize with teachers losing their jobs if they aren't willing to make any concessions. The true sympathy needs to be directed at the children who will truly suffer as a result. It's certainly ironic that the lowest paid employees are making the sacrifices. The old saying that "the rich get richer" comes to mind. Shame on the educators in our district!

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