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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Comment about budget revote possibility

This is just a general comment. I would like to suggest to the board that they do not put the proposed school budget back up for a re-vote because the contingent budget is almost identical to the budget that was proposed.  It would cost the district a lot of money to hold another vote. Making any more cuts would drastically hurt our district in my opinion and I think that the board of education and administration should be thanked for their hard work. I think it will be an eye opener to the people when they have to start paying to use the building as outside organizations. The voters put themselves in this predicament.

1 comment:

  1. I feel the budget should be put back up for a re-vote. The district was well aware of, and they stated repeatedly at the budget forums that aid was going to be drastically cut for the next few years. The budget put out to voters 3 years ago, was unfair to the taxpayers resulting in a double digit increase followed the same the following year. The taxpayers are broke. Cuts are not pleasant but unfortunately they are necessary, and I believe the district not the voters put themselves in this predicament - they are too top heavy.