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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Comment about Patriot Plain Talk

Comment: I have read over the questions here and have to say something about those so concerned about the budget that they would waste the valuable time of our superintendent to ask if someone working for B-P was on school time. I am sure it took him at least fifteen minutes to confirm your answer.

It is quite apparent that some of us want to live in great big homes but not pay the taxes that come with those homes. The bottom line is this: If you can not afford your taxes, you need to downsize.
If you do not like paying taxes, then you need to address other taxes than our school taxes. There is NOTHING more important than the future of our town, our county, our country, and this entire Earth, and the education of our students depends on that future!

Looking over the budget is disheartening as I wonder how Stephen Tomlinson can do it and make you all happy. It is utterly impossible. Our teachers and staff are not overpaid, and they are constantly making something out of nothing to satisfy all these complaints. The time spent on meetings to answer all your questions and concerns over and over could be spent in the process of educating our children.

I, for one, think if you do not want to pay high taxes to give your children a better education then move to Gloversville. Apparently you do not mind if your children get the benefit of a good education so you should have no trouble sending your children to that school district.

We need to spend less time explaining why it cost so much to educate our children and give them a better start than most of the surrounding communities and more time educating our children.

The option to move is always there, and I sincerely hope that those who are so dissatisfied with paying their taxes would just move and stop wasting the valuable time and money of our educators with these ridiculous questions and meetings and pay the taxes necessary to educate our children. At this point, there is not enough money to find excess spending. It is no longer a question of who is wasting it, it is a question of where are we going to find the funds to meet the bare minimum.

I thank Mr. Tomlinson for allowing the taxpayers so much input in the realm of how we spend the money in our budget. You will find this process NOWHERE ELSE in our area. It is time to stop whining, pay your bills, and start putting this energy into a positive way to help our schools.

Thank you for allowing me to say this. These people have reached a point of irritating to those of us that KNOW education IS more important than explaining such minute things to people who dont want to pay their taxes!

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