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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Athletics news online

Question: I have noticed that there is really no information on the athletics website besides an old posting from the booster club. Shouldn't there be information posted there about how our teams are doing? I do see where you can link to their respective websites, but why can't the school post information? Sometimes it is very difficult to find out who won games and who played well, etc. These are things our school and community should be proud of and, looking at the website, we aren't doing enough to show it. I did link to the sports schedules and the results posted there were from 2009. I am disappointed about this. I wrote about this once before about a year ago and I thought that with the appointment of a new AD things would change. However, it has not. I find it difficult to believe someone couldn't post something or at least link to news articles. Not all of us have Facebook and Twitter.

Answer: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As you pointed out, I'm new to the athletics director job and am still learning, so I appreciate your patience during our transition year.

Please note that, in the last three years, Broadalbin-Perth has gone from having a full-time athletics director, to a half-time AD, and now, in the current arrangement, I'm performing the job of AD on top of my teaching responsibilities as the high school band director. However, the AD job hasn't changed much since it was a full-time position: I'm still responsible for coordinating schedules, hiring officials, training coaches, and ensuring the safety and success of our student-athletes.

That being said, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment that we need to do a better job of letting our community know how our sports teams are doing. Right now, we have a designated individual who is responsible for posting results to -- you can view these results on our athletics page. Many of our coaches also maintain their own team or sport websites that often include more details about recent games and upcoming events; links to those sites are also available on our athletics page.

We're also working on posting more information on the athletics page on a consistent basis, and pushing information out to the district's followers on Facebook and Twitter. We will also soon be adding an option to subscribe to athletics news through the School News Notifier opt-in e-mail alert system.

Thanks for bearing with us as we work out some new systems in the B-P athletics office. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact me at

- answered by Mike Calvello, high school band teacher and athletics director


  1. First of all... the school and community should be proud of the students grades, NOT sports.

    1. Why can't we be proud of both?