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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Three at a table during Learning Lab

Question: Why is it that we have to sit three to a table during study halls in the cafeteria? Especially during 8th period? We are not bad kids and we do not cause trouble so I was just wondering why we have to sit three to a table, especially when we are doing homework most of the time. Thanks.

Answer: Over the years, Mr. Barnhart and I have observed the study habits of students in the Learning Labs. It was clear to us that when more than three students were at a table, there tended to be less work going on. However, if you have a specific need for more than three people to be at your table during a Learning Lab, you should ask Mr. Barnhart directly.
- answered by Robin Blowers, high school principal

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  1. Well if you were to come in and observe 8th period you would see that we are not bad kids and when we are sitting more then 3 to a table we are all doing work together, which that is what most of are teachers want us to do