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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Changing the middle school and high school schedules for Edinburg?

Question: I have a question about the possibility of students from Edinburg coming to Broadalbin-Perth. Will the middle school and high school be starting an hour later to accommodate these students if they do come to B-P?

Answer: I assume you're referring to the proposal that Broadalbin-Perth submitted to the Edinburg Board of Education to educate approximately 50 of their secondary students at Broadalbin-Perth's middle and high schools.

Regardless of where Edinburg decides to send its secondary students, I have long believed that our secondary students should be starting their day later and our elementary students would start their day earlier than our current practice. There is much research about child and adolescent development to support this theory.

In fact, Broadalbin-Perth is the only school district in the region that starts its secondary school day before 7:30 a.m.; most middle and high schools in our region start their days at 8 a.m. Because of this, B-P loses out on many opportunities to collaborate with other school districts in the Capital Region on distance and virtual learning initiatives because our high school schedule doesn't align with the schedules of schools that start their day later than we do.

While much still needs to be decided--not least of which is where Edinburg students will attend secondary school next year--in the coming years, I will continue to work toward adjusting our school day schedule to best meet the physical, social/emotional and academic needs of all of our students.
- answered by Stephen Tomlinson, superintendent of schools


  1. ok, you say 8am, but I heard BP will change to an 830am start time. Is this true?

  2. After the first of the year, we will be convening a committee that includes community members to study the possibility of changing the start times of our schools to better align with current research on this subject. At this time, we're not prepared to commit to any particular start time. If you're interested, I encourage you to get involved in the committee.

  3. According to the paperwork Edinburg received at a Board meeting,if Edinburg chooses Broadalbin-Perth, they will adjust their start to 8:30am- 2:50pm, from the current 7:33am- 1:50pm. Is this not the case?