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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Must soccer players pay to work out?

Question: A recent communication seems to be implying that if you want to play soccer for B-P, you need to pay to work out. As a taxpayer and proud of the facilities we have, I find it questionable that we need Alpin Haus to supplement our players training. Will not sending my son there jeopardize his chances to play soccer?

Answer: The short answer to your question is no, boys who are interested in playing soccer for B-P do NOT have to pay to work out at Alpin Haus or anywhere else in our area. All of our student-athletes have access to a top-notch workout facility at the high school. I apologize if my email was misinterpreted.

I believe what you're referring to is an opportunity from B-P alum Bryan Baia, who is a personal trainer at Alpin Haus, that I shared via email with soccer families. Some families choose to pay for personal training sessions for their student-athletes at Alpin Haus, the Y, or other area fitness facilities. This is completely optional and not necessary to secure a place on a B-P team.

I apologize for any confusion my email might have caused.
- answered by Brian Henry, boys varsity soccer coach and HS science teacher

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