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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Safety concerns about middle school morning traffic

Question: Is there anything that can be done about the middle school traffic and congestion at 7:20 in the morning? There are parents dropping students off all over the place, trying to avoid waiting in a long line. Students are even crossing Rt. 107 so their parents don't have to wait in line. People cut across the parking lot in cars. It seems very unsafe. Perhaps a crossing guard, light, or left-hand turn restrictions are needed at that time of day. Something needs to be done to rectify this unsafe situation that occurs daily.

Answer: We're well aware of the problems that exist with traffic and safety at the middle school site, and we've made many attempts to address the problems in recent years. For instance, we requested that the county install either a traffic light or a blinking "school zone" sign on Rt. 107 near the entrance to the Perth campus, but the county denied our requests.

The property adjacent to the Perth campus that the district purchased as part of the capital project approved by voters in February 2013 is part of a long-term plan to expand parking at the Perth site and address safety concerns. We will continue to look for ways to improve student and family safety in this area, especially during the morning student drop-off times.
- answered by Stephen Tomlinson, superintendent of schools


  1. In the meantime, what about a traffic guard?

  2. Stephen Tomlinson2:52 PM, April 04, 2014

    Parents should not be parking or dropping off their children across Rt. 107 from the Perth campus. Adding a crossing guard would imply the district condones that practice, which it does not.